FMC Statement on Women in Ministry

Statement adopted by the 1995 General Conference of the Free Methodist Church of North America The General Conference of 1974 passed a resolution “giving women equal status with men in the ministry of the church” (General Conference Minutes, p. 388). According to the...

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Women in Ministry — Some Hermeneutical Reflections

Introduction Almost everyone believes and allows women to be in ministry. Even those who will disagree with my views on the matter do, in fact, recognize not only the privilege but duty of women to be in ministry (where would the church be if throughout history women...

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Tongues Speaking

Study Commission on Doctrine Report to the 1999 General Conference 1 Corinthians 12-14: An Analysis of the Tongues Issue The Study Commission on Doctrine has studied carefully the biblical texts on tongues. These studies have informed its recommendation on tongues in...

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