SCOD Report to the 2007 General Conference

During the past four years, 2003-2007, the following persons served on the Study Commission on Doctrine (SCOD): Roger Haskins Ruth Huston Joseph James David Kendall Frank Kline Les Krober Paul Livermore Wayne McCown Richard Snyder Matt Thomas Dennis Wayman Charles...

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Wesleyan Perspectives on Women in Ministry

Azusa Pacific University — July 2005 This presentation was created to address a need in Free Methodist churches for education about the ordination and placement of women pastors in order that people in and out of the church might experience the salvation of God as...

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Two Become One: God’s Blueprint for Couples

Summarizing concepts in the book by Donald and Robbie Joy Evangel Publishing House, 2002 From slow reflection across 56 years of marriage, we want to bring together here a record of how we have come to see the bold and empowering vision of Creation — how Man and Woman...

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